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A place to share and discuss articles and podcasts relevant to Paganism and magical practice.

The idea is to use these articles as starting point for in-depth conversation and constructive debate. You are welcome to share any insights or experiences that relate to the topic at hand. However, the aim is to go beyond the general favourite elements/memes/True Psychic Experiences/etc conversations that are provided in myriad other Pagan forums and move on to serious and informed discussion. All forms of intelligent engagement with the articles are very much encouraged - while some members may choose to cite relevant academic or other sources in their responses, this is by no means mandatory.

Anyone is welcome to share articles or podcasts that they have created or found. Please respect copyright and correctly attribute the author. When contributing to discussion on an already-posted article, make sure you've read said article first! Ad hominum arguments are boring and curtail actual constructive discussion - don't make them. Bashing of any type will not be accepted. While this community is currently open for anyone to post, this may be subject to change if it has undesired consequences. Any posts that break these rules will be deleted.

As this is a very new community, any suggestions for additional "Interests" would also be welcome. :)